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OL Episode #16 – Controlled Experiment

Postby Lunkenstein on December 30th, 2006, 11:00 am


Original Airdate: January 13, 1964

We’re at the half-way point of Season One!

OL’s comedy entry is a charming, well done exploration into the anatomy of murder. It’s performed by 2 Martians, played by Barry Morse (Lt. Gerard of the original “THE FUGITIVE) as Phobos One and a pre-ALL IN THE FAMILY Carroll O’ Conner as Diemos. By manipulating time at various speeds and directions, they probe every small detail to try and determine why earthlings annihilate each other. This is an extremely well written episode, loaded with humorous dialogue. Both actors shine and share a great team chemistry. Watching Morse react with befuddlement to human nature, while O’ Conner just grins with acceptance is very enjoyable.

Also in the cast is Grace Lee Whitney (Yeoman Rand of the original STAR TREK). Here she’s the jilted gal with revenge on her mind.

This was the lowest budgeted episode as OL was looking to cut costs, but talents combined to make a classic episode. Amazing what they were able to pull out of the hat at the last minute and on a shoe string. Robert Fortier, a talented actor and mime, moved in slow motion along side Morse to produce an excellent effect.

A very entertaining episode and nice little departure. As with “THE MAN WHO WAS NEVER BORN”, this ep makes reference to the consequences of tampering with time. As usual, the photography adds much to the show and the opening scenes give a real gritty, city feel. The pawn shop, where Martian Diemos is stationed, reminded me of a similar scenario in “MEN IN BLACK”. Just who might be dwelling in those dark little places?

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