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Postby Lunkenstein on February 10th, 2008, 10:09 pm


The first of three films Boris Karloff made with Val Lewton, ISLE OF THE DEAD is an atmospheric production. There are some truly creepy scenes, especially as the film progresses. Boris plays a Greek general during the Balkan War of 1912. He and several others wind up quarantined on a small island as a plague begins taking lives. Fear and superstition also take hold as it appears an evil force may be involved as well.

I first saw this when I was 13 and it gave me some scares, especially the moments involving the crypt. Lewton masterfully uses dark and sound again to work your imagination. Boris gives a fine performance and is joined by a competant cast including Ellen Drew, Marc Cramer, Katherine Emery, Helen Thimig and Jason Robards Sr. Also to our delight are Alan Napier and Skelton Knaggs in smaller roles.

This film is somewhat under-rated, though it should please fans of moody pieces that cross genre lines.
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